1. Are there any side effects to Breast Actives?

    By salny18 il 7 June 2014
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    Breast Actives claims to be an all natural and highly effective breast enhancement therapy program. Itís hardly the first product on the market to advertise itself in this way, though judging by the wide customer satisfaction reviews, it seems like this product actually delivers.

    Breast Actives is easily one of the best choices for natural, safe breast enhancement without having to resort to breast implant surgery. It is also pretty reasonably priced, so thatís an added bonus.
    But like in any sort of body enhancement or hormone modulation production, before buy breast actives, a woman has to wonder Ė does this have any side effects?

    No pain no gain?

    Breast Actives has had over 100,000 highly satisfied customers who all sing its praises. All of them say they have attained a visible and flattering difference in their breast appearance and that their breasts are now fuller and firmer and bigger, thanks to Breast Actives.

    But while the majority only talk about how good it is, there have been a few complaints, not so much with the effect of the product, as with the unseen disadvantages that come with it.

    One common complaint is that the women say their breasts ache without a break for a majority of the Breast Actives regime. They say their breasts feel bruised and tender, and there is a dull ache in the breast area continuously or discontinuously for the whole duration of the program.

    However, this is also to be expected. After all, your breasts are growing. Remember those painful pre-pubescent and puberty periods of your life, where the breasts ached a lot while they were growing?

    That is exactly what is happening here also. Breast Actives contains all natural pills, creams and breast health and size enhancing exercises, all of which promote your body to develop the breasts naturally, exactly like how the process happens during your puberty breast growth.

    So the case of this side effect is rather unavoidable. Nature doesnít do anything by halves and a little pain and tenderness is something you have to tolerate for getting fuller, more supple and sexier breasts in the long run.

    After all, as they say, no pain no gain right? Itís never more true as it is when it comes to Breast Actives and its breast enhancement therapy. When it comes to pain, all the woman can do is grit her teeth and wait it out. This product and its surefire results does make it worth it in the end!
    Timeline problems
    The other biggest disadvantage listed by women seems to be that this product gives no assured chart or time line for the breast growth.

    Like with any natural medication, the effect of the ...

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